About PG Cares

At PG Cares, we work to decrease the risk factors and increase protective factors of addiction, abuse, and suicide through education, outreach, and evidence-based initiatives.

Why Focus on Prevention?

It's a sound financial investment.

Recent research shows that for each dollar invested in prevention, a savings of up to $10 in treatment for alcohol or other substance abuse can be seen.

Prevention programs are rooted in gold-standard evidence-based practices.

Prevention professionals are held to the highest standards possible when implementing programs into their communities and select those which are proven to be effective.

It's proactive.

Unlike many interventions for behavioral problems like adolescent drug use, school drop-out, and more, prevention doesn't just target the behavior itself but the risk and protective factors that lead to those behaviors.

Prevention creates safe and successful communities.

Evidence-based prevention programs have been shown to reduce the onset of problem behaviors like binge drinking and initiation of cigarette smoking by as much as 33% compared to communities that did not implement evidence-based programs.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

— Benjamin Franklin

Risk and Protective Factors

Prevention science starts with understanding the research that shows us what factors can play a huge role in the choices young people are making. Risk Factors increase the likelihood of unhealthy behaviors, while protective factors are proven to help a young person make healthier choices.

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